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Every business has work to do and that means people to organize, finances to manage, and processes to follow. You may have looked to web based software to manage your business activity, but chances are none of them out there were really a perfect fit leaving your staff to bounce back and forth between multiple software packages, or worse yet, create their own make-do solutions with documents and spreadsheets that consume a lot of manual labor. Slingshot has created a new solution to this problem that will leave you wondering why no one else has offered something tlike this to you before. Whether you need a simple CRM, or a full ERP, Slingshot has affordable business software templates that give you full controll of every pixel and back it up with a development team that is here to serve you. No need to beg and plead with a vendor to modify their monolythic system to meet your needs. With Slingshot software, it is enough that you alone want a change. Just place your customization order and get back to business done your way.

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