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Apple Consulting

A business experience curated for Apple Customers


What is an Apple Consultant?

We are IT professionals trained specifically in all aspects of Apple products in a business setting. Many of us have worked for Apple previously. All of us are passionate about Apple and the incredible business value their products create. We pride ourselves on a customer focused approach to help you succeed with Apple at work.


Why choose Slingshot?

Slingshot Data Labs is the right solution for businesses that want to get the most from their Apple Products. If you have worked with another IT provider and found that they seem more interested in selling products then they are about helping you to grow your business, then you need to work with Slingshot instead. Slingshot's approach is customer first. We help you to evaluate what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are, and work with you to find solutions that drive your whole company forward. Whether that solution has anything to do with a sale or not. We believe that when our clients win in their business they will usually want to bring us along for the next phase of their company.

Free business training sessions


I want Slingshot to be my company's official Apple Consultant!

Congratulations on selecting Slingshot as your

Apple Consultant!

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