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We specialize in the technology solutions you need to run a modern business that enhance your team's efficiency and increase your revenue potential. Whether you have a great idea but aren't sure how to get there, or even if you just need a fresh set of eyes to make sure you aren't missing any opportunity, then Slingshot is the IT Consultant for you.


Slingshot Data Labs provides business technology consulting services for small to medium sized businesses. If you are looking to get more out of your technology, are thinking about an upgrade, or just wondering whether there is a way to make things easier on yourself and your team by using technology, then we would love to speak with you. At Slingshot Data Labs our goal is to help you accelerate the development of your business.

Build it

We believe that a master of any craft builds their own tools. We build ours and we can help you build yours. You are running a long term business so it only makes sense to invest in tools that will be able to grow with you. Tools that you control and that you never need anyone else's permission to change when you need to. Slingshot's innovative process allows us to create custom software at a fraction of the cost of other developers. Let us show you how we can build a system that reduces your operating costs at a price you can afford.

Host it

Do you have a business Application that you need to make sure your team can access from any device? Maybe it's Windows on iPad or Mac. Maybe it is a database that your team always needs to be able to get to. Maybe it is a system developed by Slingshot or by a third party. We can create a custom hosting service to meet your needs and make sure your team have the tools they need when and where they need them.



Deploy it

Sooner or later, every modern business needs computing hardware. We provide savings on pre-owned equipment from PC laptops, to monitors, to Mac, iPad and iPhone. As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, we also create an enhanced procurement experience for businesses seeking new Apple Devices. From quotes to automated deployments so your devices arrive setup and ready to use right out of the box. Slingshot provides access to every benefit of Apple Technology for your business.

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125 N Executive Drive

Suite 307

Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005

Tel: 414-367-4402


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