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Slingshot Data Labs provides business technology consulting services for small to medium sized businesses. If you are looking to get more out of your technology, are thinking about an upgrade, or just wondering whether there is a way to make things easier on yourself and your team by using technology, then we would love to speak with you. At Slingshot Data Labs our goal is to help you accelerate the development of your business.

Hardware / Software

Does your business use iPhone, iPad or Mac? Maybe you just want to know what the big deal is and whether Apple technology could help your business. We have 35 years of experience creating specialized workflows, integrations, deployments, repairs, upgrades and specialized training/tutoring/coaching. We have the skills to help you get more out of your technology.

Custom Development

Do you have a unique business or process that doesn't seem to fit with existing software? Maybe you always dreamed of creating a more personalized customer experience but don't have the tools to make it work. Custom development is less expensive than you think and is a great way to build a stronger competitive advantage both in operations as well as recruiting.


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11220 W Burleigh St.

Suite 100

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53222

Tel: 414-367-4402


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