An innovative approach to innovation

Slingshot Data Labs exists to accelerate the development of small to medium sized businesses in all industries. If you have a passion for what you do and want to grow your business then a partnership with Slingshot can help you make that happen. We begin with a free consultation to answer questions and make sure that your goals are something we can help with. From there our process is really unique. Our team is motivated by helping others to achieve their dreams, so we don't engage in sales games. We want to hear about what inspires you to build your business. From there, our objective is to help you find the fastest, best, and most cost effective way to get there. Whether that is having Slingshot develop new IT systems for you or to help you navigate the world of third party options. Our goal is to help you find what is right for your business. Not what is most profitable for Slingshot. That is because we know that if we help you achieve your goals in a way that is most beneficial to you, we will be on the right path to a relationship that reaches far beyond just a single transaction or project.