Vincent iOS Update 2.2.0, NEW FEATURES!!

Update announcement sent by email to subscribers on October 24th, 2013

Vincent iOS update 2.2.0 is online and ready for you! 

This update contains all of the following improvements:

  • NEW FEATURE: Activities can now be re-assigned to another user. This will allow you to create a work plan for your Opportunity and then delegate the Activities to other users. Each Activity that was created as part of an Opportunity work plan will still be tracked under the Opportunity it is related to. This feature can also be used with Activities that are not related to an Opportunity.
  • NEW FEATURE: A new data category has been created on the main menu called “Deals”. This can be used to create a separate list of records for Opportunities that have been contracted. Records in the Deal list do not change color every three days like Opportunities do, because the urgency on Follow-up is less once a contract is in place. To upgrade an Opportunity to a Deal, simply open the Opportunities detail page, then open the menu and select “Change Status”. You will then have the option to mark it as “Contracted", “Remove" the opportunity, or “Cancel". In other words, a “Deal” is defined as a 'Contracted Opportunity’ and shares all of the same data but now under a new label.
  • NEW FEATURE: All layouts for iPad have now been upgraded to use the same layouts as the iPhone version and these are stretched to fill the larger screen size enabling you to see more of the data at once with less scrolling. This means that all of the new features in Vincent that have previously been iPhone exclusives, are now available on iPad as well. This is a major change to the architecture of the system and will better support our road map going forward. In a future release, this new architecture will enable us to more easily customize the layouts for iPad to take take full advantage of the larger screen, while keeping the feature set consistent across both devices.

Please check out these updates the next time you login and please be sure to let us know what you think. As always, your feedback and suggestions are very important to us.

Posted on December 3, 2013 .