Vincent for iOS Update

Update announcement sent by email to subscribers on September 8th, 2013

We have a new update ready for you!

This update contains bug fixes, feature upgrades, and layout improvements...

  • Layout for the Activities list is now optimized to allow for longer Activity names.
  • Each search result screen now displays the staff member that each found record is assigned to.
  • The Opportunity detail page now supports the ability to relate properties that already exist in the database instead of only creating a new property. This means that we can now import lists of properties and be able to create Opportunities later on. It also means that Vincent can now support a workflow that begins with a property record and the Opportunity record is created later. When you select the Property field in an Opportunity detail page, Vincent will look to see if there is a property already related to that opportunity. If there is, you will be taken to view that property as always. If there is not, you will now be taken to a familiar search screen where you can search for an existing property by any available field or combination of fields. From the list of search results, you can tap any found property to assign it to the Opportunity you are working on. If none are found, you can also create a new Property record and it will be related to your Opportunity record automatically.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented updated street names from displaying on the Property list view.
  • Bug that caused blank records to appear with question marks in every field for some users has been resolved.
  • Numerous other minor UI enhancements and bug fixes.
Posted on December 3, 2013 .