Vincent can help

An Automated Virtual Assistant for Property Managers.

Do you have more things to do than you can count? Managing REO or income generating properties means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. Vincent was created to help you get things done more efficiently so you can get your life back.

Vincent keeps all of your data in one place:

  • Contact lists (REALTOR™ lists , Property Owners, Movers, Past Clients etc.)
  • Property details
  • Communications and Notes
  • Before and After photos
  • Move-in/out Inspections
  • Landlord Compliance Inspections

Vincent organizes your sales an operational data, coordinates your team, and then helps you stay focused:

  • Automatically sorted work plans
  • Automated Alerts
  • Activity delegation
  • Color coded Activities and Opportunities alert you to leads gone cold.
  • Opportunity history
  • Deal history
  • Relationship history

Inspect every detail unique to each property with custom inspection form templates.