Vincent can help

The World's first Automated Virtual Assistant for Home Stagers.

Do you have more things to do than you can count? Operating a Home Staging business means keeping track of a lot of moving parts. Vincent was created by Home Stagers for Home Stagers to help you get your life back.

Vincent keeps all of your data in one place:

  • Contact lists (REALTOR™ lists , Home Owners, Movers, Past Clients etc.)
  • Property details
  • Communications and Notes
  • Before and After photos

Vincent organizes your data, coordinates your team, and then helps you stay focused:

  • Automatically sorted work plans
  • Automated Alerts
  • Activity delegation (Great for staging teams!)
  • Color coded Activities and Opportunities alert you to items gone cold.
  • Opportunity history
  • Deal history
  • Relationship history

Let Vincent handle logistics so you can be right where you need to be. Staging a home instead of being stuck behind a desk.