About Slingshot

Small business is our passion. We have purchased, built, and sold several small businesses in markets including photography, real estate, home staging, roofing, sign rentals and consulting. We have gained a lot of street smarts along the way and we want to share that expertise with you. This is our story (Abbreviated, your welcome)...

When we started our first small business we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Like most people with an idea and a dream we struck out into the world and tried to make a difference. What we got for our trouble was pain and frustration. The bigger we grew, the higher our costs went because we had to spend more and more on staff to manage it all. There had to be a better way. After ten years of trying different methods and disappointed by the software that is out there, we decided, like everything else we had done, we would have to build the solution ourselves. 

After three years of planning and preparations, the result was Vincent. This database solution has been so successful in managing our business that our colleagues began asking if they could use it too. So here we go, on to our next great adventure. To transform Vincent from an in-house app into a deliverable product so it can give the help to other small business owners that was never there for us. A quick Slingshot around the Sun to accelerate the growth of small business faster than it could ever go on its own.

Wayne Muelver  Founder, Slingshot Data labs, LLC

Wayne Muelver

Founder, Slingshot Data labs, LLC