Activity Tracking


The foundation of Vincent is the way it keeps you organized and on task. Business administrators can define a list of specific activities that need to be accomplished every time a particular trigger occurs in the system and save it as a template so that Vincent can automate your daily work flow. For example, when a new Opportunity is entered into the system, Vincent will lookup the list of activities that need to be done for that specific Opportunity type and will add them to the activity list of the user assigned to manage that Opportunity. Users can also create additional activities as needed. Each time a user logs in, they are presented with these assigned activities, sorted by their due date. When an activity is selected from the list, the activity detail view shows the user everything they need to know to complete it. It also provides all the tools needed. If an activity is to send an email to a customer, an email template is displayed and pre-populated with the customer’s data. If a phone call is required, Vincent will dial the number for you and then ask for the result of the call when you return to the app.

Opportunity & Deal Tracking


Opportunities are Deals in progress. They may be new referrals, a project you have targeted to try and win, or a relationship that you want to nurture. Vincent treats each Opportunity and Deal as a hub where you can connect multiple spokes of related information. You can connect multiple contacts, documents, notes, and activities to a single Opportunity or Deal so everything you need to know is gathered in one place. Vincent will make many of these connections for you. Some pieces of information may connect to multiple Opportunities as well. A contact that has sent multiple referrals to you will display a total history of all those past and present Deals and Opportunities. by connecting all these points of information, Vincent will build a valuable list of your best lead sources so you will know where to best apply your efforts in the future and also make it easier for you to find information down the road.



A well maintained contact list is essential for any business and Vincent makes it simple to maintain your contacts. While a particular staff member sees only contacts assigned to them by default, they can also search the business entire contact database to update information, or relate that contact to an activity or opportunity. Each contact record then contains a full history of all the opportunities that contact has been associated with.

Custom Terminology

Your business is unique and so are the terms that you use every day. Wether it is the name you give to each product or service you sell, or the names you give to your marketing campaigns, the terms you use are part of what makes you, well, you! Vincent provides Business administrators the ability to set specific terminology that your business uses, and then integrates that terminology throughout the system. This ensures that everywhere from email communication, to invoices, to performance tracking and reporting all use the language you are already familiar with. That means that even the newest member of your team will be able to send out communications with accurate and consistent terminology. Essentially, Vincent adapts to your language, rather than you having to adapt to Vincent’s.